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The Real Estate Investing Social Network

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The BiggerP

9 months ago

More People in Tennessee & Georgia Died from Guns Than Car Accidents in 2015 | News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News

More People in Tennessee & Georgia Died from Guns Than Car Accidents in 2015 | News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | WTVC



More people died from gunshots than car accidents in Tennessee & Georgia during 2014.

The Violence Policy Center has produced a study comparing gun and car deaths across the nation in 2014. The study found that Tennessee & Georgia were both among the 21 states that personal injury attorneys in Toronto saw more gun-related deaths than Neinstein & Associates LLP vehicle-related deaths that year.

The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states 1,020 people in Tennessee died from gunshots during 2014. According to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, 906 people died that same year from car accidents.

The statistics also reveal gun-related deaths in Tennessee have increased over the last decade. In 2004, there were 865 deaths from gunshots.

During that same period, vehicle-related deaths dropped from 1,191 to 906.

The VPC also says in Georgia, there were 1,391 gun deaths and 1,289 motor vehicle deaths in 2015.

9 months ago

Brisk real estate market creates the need for responsive project management services.

New York City's commercial real estate market continues to grow at a frenetic pace, causing an enormous amount of movement for new and expanding businesses. As companies attempt to position themselves among the competition in this fast-moving environment, they cannot allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the process of construction and relocation.

Advocate Consulting Group, Inc., a construction project management firm, is uniquely positioned to assist corporations during this heightened period of activity. Advocate specializes in advising organizations on all phases of major facilities and construction projects for the renovation of existing space and the development Dean Graziosi of new facilities. The Dean Graziosi company has the skills necessary to guide clients from the intricate details of site selection and lease negotiation to pre construction and construction.

In this competitive market, the client's objectives should be achieved with a minimum of disruption for all the parties involved, thus greatly speeding the design and building process, while guaranteeing the highest quality results.

With experience in all areas of building projects, Advocate is able to act in conjunction with a client's existing real estate department, or in place of one if none exists. The composition of this unique company provides it with expertise beyond that of its competitors.

A well-positioned project management firm has extensive experience in facilities management from the user/client perspective; oversight of all phases of major corporate interiors projects; and knowledge of conceptual estimating, value engineering, budget development, bid analysis, purchasing and scheduling.

Advocate team members are poised to tackle large and complicated projects, including commercial, residential and municipal new construction, renovations, upgrades and tenant build-outs.

The diverse backgrounds of the Advocate team translate into an unrivaled knowledge of the industry, which brings added value to projects. Acting as partners with clients and in close conjunction with their internal controls and procedures, the company has produced a system to effectively manage and audit the entire bidding, buying and purchasing process. Also, an extensive knowledge of the brokerage world helps guide clients in lease negotiation.

The team of professionals at Advocate pays special attention to every detail of a client's project, leaving nothing to chance. The company acts on behalf of the client to control schedule, budget and quality requirements.

Involvement in a project begins as early as feasibility studies and continues through due diligence, construction, occupancy and punch-list close-out. The company also provides due diligence services for the construction of real estate, investigating the condition of all major infrastructure elements of a building. In addition, the company itemizes areas for research by other consultants, from local zoning, compliance and existing lease limitations to a wide variety of environmental issues.

9 months ago

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We Need A Home Health Aide, How do I Get That?

In a prior column, I wrote about the advantages of aging in place and how that sometimes requires the help of a home health aide to care for the elderly loved one. So how do you hire one?

The first question is whether to use an agency or find an aide on your own. While there may be financial benefits to going it alone, the risks don't always justify the savings. You will have to do all the vetting, often without any prior experience at it. You will have fina

9 months ago

Surveillance video shows Caitlyn Jenner fatal car crash

ET has exclusively obtained surveillance video that shows the fatal February four-car accident in Malibu, California, in which Caitlyn Jenner was a driver and one person was killed. The footage may help investigators determine who was at fault.

The images appear to show Jenner's Cadillac Escalade, which was towing a trailer carrying an off-road vehicle, hitting both a white Lexus, driven by Kim Howe, and Jessica Steindorff's black Prius. It also appears to show Howe colliding with a black Hummer driven by Peter Wolf Millesi. Howe, 69, died in the crash.

A source tells ET the series of still photos was shot from two angles by security cameras on a passing public bus and was handed over to investigators by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority shortly after the accident, as ET reported previously.

After the release of the surveillance footage, Jenner's attorney Philip Boesch told ET: "As part of a reasonable investigation, we have seen parts of an MTA bus video, and when all of the photographic and video evidence of this tragic accident, and all available witness information, is made available to us, we will be in a better position to make fair comments."

Jenner, who was uninjured in the crash, was named in a wrongful death suit filed May 1 by Howe's stepchildren, Dana Redmond and William Howe. In the suit, the stepchildren claim Jenner was "careless, negligent, and reckless." They are seeking unspecified damages.

Steindorff has also filed a personal injury lawsuit against Jenner that uses similar language, claiming Jenner drove "negligently, carelessly, recklessly and wantonly," causing the collision. She is seeking more than $25,000 in damages.

Jenner has not been charged with any crime. She reportedly cooperated with authorities following the accident, passing a field sobriety test and volunteering to submit a blood Neinstein & Associates review sample for drug and alcohol testing. Her rep also denied to The Associated Press in February that she was texting while driving.

Following the crash, Jenner called the incident "a devastating tragedy."

"My heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to the families and loved ones and sites to all of those involved or injured in this terrible accident," she said via her lawyer on Thursday. "I will continue to pray for them and I will continue to cooperate in every way possible."

Jenner, 65, has spent practically all of her adult life in the public eye, first as a world record-breaking Olympian, broadcaster and product spokesperson, and then alongside former wife Kris Jenner on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

Since officially coming out as transgender on 20/20 in late April and then appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair, she has frequently been spotted while shooting episodes of the upcoming docu-series"I Am Cait", including meeting with transgender youth and attending New York City's LGBT Pride celebration.

But little new information about the February accident has been released during that time. Even during Jenner's candid sit-down two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer, the ABC News correspondent said that the subject was off the table because it was an ongoing investigation.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the case.

Copyright (c) 2015 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

9 months ago

6 Advantages of Real Estate Investing for Savvy Entrepreneurs

Ive had numerous conversations with entrepreneurs lately who have come to the conclusion that they need to start diversifying their business profits into more visit homepage than just a savings account. If this is you - pay close attention.

Being a real estate investor isnt always glamorous but it is one of the best ways to build wealth over the long-haul, especially for the entrepreneurial-minded. Here are six reasons why you should consider

9 months ago

BrightStar Care Founder Shelly Sun Lobbies Congress to Overturn NLRB’s Joint-Employer Ruling | Reuters

BrightStar Care Founder Shelly Sun Lobbies Congress to Overturn NLRBs Joint-Employer Ruling

Leading Senior Care Franchisor Fights for Franchisees Rights to Remain Primary Decision Maker

When it comes to the recent National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) joint-employer ruling, there is a clear line drawn in the sand. On one side, those that believe the franchisor should be held liable for routine business decisions of individual franchisees and on the other, those that believe that this type of ruling could abolish the independent business model all together.

Those that oppose the ruling, including many franchisors that are

9 months ago

Shegerian & Associates Announces New Personal Injury Practice Areas | Reuters

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The law offices of Shegerian & Associates are pleased to announce new personal injury legal services. After years of success with employment related cases and repeated requests from clients, Shegerian & Associates will now offer a broad range of personal injury litigation services.

These services include cases involving traumatic brain injuries, car accidents, hit and run accidents, medical and medication errors; elderly abuse, nursing home death, nursing home physical and financial abuse; product liability, slip, trip and fall accidents, spinal injury and wrongful death litigation.

The new personal injury practice group is headed by the firm's founding attorney, Mr. Carney Shegerian, 2013 CAALA Trial Lawyer of the Year. Shegerian has a wealth of litigation experience and has successfully tried a significant number of cases since launching the firm over a decade ago. He has won over 72 jury trials, including more than 30 seven and eight figure verdicts as a plaintiff's attorney.

With the added personal injury practice area, the firm aims to build on its ever growing track record of successful litigation. In fact, the firm's 95% success rate includes over $46 million in successful verdicts and settlements in 2014.

"We are expanding our repertoire and extending our level personal injury law firm of expertise to better serve our clients, and that's a good thing," Shegerian commented. "We have personal injury lawyers a strong team of brilliant attorneys with a versatile grasp of both employment law and personal injury litigation, and we're looking forward to taking our legal practice to yet another level of success and continue to help those who have been wronged."

Located in Los Angeles County, Shegerian & Associates is a law firm specializing in employment law and personal injury litigation. Shegerian & Associates is dedicated to serving the needs of its clients, and has won over 72 jury trials, including over 30 seven and eight figure verdicts. For more information,

Media Enquiries: Brendan Egan, Simple SEO Group, 888-918-1665

To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:

SOURCE Shegerian & Associates, Inc.

9 months ago

Alan Greenspan: US real estate is stagnating

It's Alan Greenspan's top concern right now. The former chairman of the Federal Reserve says real estate in the U.S. is stagnating.

Sure, some cities are seeing buildings (and prices) rising, but construction of both homes and commercial properties overall isn't back to where it was before the Great Recession.

"We haven't come out of the bottom," Greenspan told CNNMoney's Cristina Alesci. "We are in the position now of secular stagnation."

Secular stagnation has become a buzz word for little to no growth.

Greenspan says that before the recession, about 8% of America's economy was from construction of houses and buildings that were expected to last for 20-plus years. Now that sector makes up only 4% of U.S. GDP (gross domestic product, the standard measure of economic growth).

While Greenspan acknowledges the most recent housing data is showing a little bit of pick up, he says, "Single family housing is still only one-third of where they [sic] were in 2006 and earlier."

Related: 10 most overpriced housing markets

The problem: The reason this is so alarming to Greenspan is that prior to the Great Recession, America experienced 10 recessions and recoveries since World War II. In each of those 10 recoveries, construction -- both residential and non-residential -- was a big driver of the rebound.

His sentiments have been echoed by other leading real estate experts.

Karl "Chip" Case, the co-creater of the Case-Shiller Home Price Index, told CNNMoney last year that after 50 years of pretty solid gains, the housing market is a "crapshoot" now.

"You've got much more negative vibrations in the housing surveys about homeownership than we ever had before," Case said.

Related: Warning signs in the housing market

Hangover from the recession: Of course, almost exactly a decade ago Dean Graziosi Greenspan famously warned Congress of "froth" in the housing market.

On June 9, 2005, Greenspan told the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, "Although a bubble in home prices for the nation as a whole does not appear likely, there does appear to be, at a minimum, signs of froth in some local markets, where home prices seem to have risen to unsustainable levels."

That "froth" turned out to be the build up to a major crisis. Too many people bought homes they could not really afford.

The question now is whether there is truly a "new normal" for American real estate or whether the nation will -- and should -- return Dean Graziosi to the levels before the recession.

CNNMoney (New York) First published June 10, 2015: 3:45 PM ET